This is an ordinary type of bike with 3 or 7 gears. We have the bikes from 26″ to 56″. All our bikes are of high quality with good comfort. They are all easy to ride.

All our bikes have approved locks.

The bikes have a luggage carrier with the options of purchasing a basket, child seat or bike-bags.

Prices Adult bikes

1 day: 175 kr

2 days: 250 kr

3 days: 300 kr

4 days: 350 kr

5 days: 400 kr

6 days: 450 kr

1 week: 475 kr

2 weeks: 900 kr

Touring bikes

This type of bike is suitable for long rides at high speeds. They are light and have 21 or 30 external gears.

Repair kit is included with this type of bike.

It is possible to purchase bike-bags and child seat.

Prices touring bikes

1 day: 300 kr

2 days: 500 kr

3 days: 600 kr

4 days: 700 kr

5 days: 800 kr

6 days: 850 kr

1 week: 875 kr

2 weeks: 1500 kr


Now we offer ebikes for rent.

Our ebikes are Gazelle Paris c7. It is easy to get on and to ride. Riding a ebike is, as always, riding with the wind at your back.

The battery can go up to 120 km under optimal conditions.

Charger and extra lock are included.

Prices E-bikes

1. dag: 350 kr

2. dage: 650 kr

3. dage: 800 kr

4. dage: 1000 kr

5. dage: 1125 kr

6. dage: 1275 kr

1 uge: 1400 kr

10 dage: 1875 kr

12 dage: 2175 kr

14 dage: 2450 kr

3 uger: 3175 kr

Kids bikes

We have a wide seletion of kids bikes from 18″ to 26″. All the bikes are of high quality.

Bike helmets are included in the price.

When You book kids bikes please remember to write the child´s height to ensure the correct size of bike.

Prices kids bikes (18"-24")

1 day: 100 kr

2 days: 150 kr

3 days: 200 kr

4 days: 250 kr

5 days: 300 kr

6 days: 350 kr

1 week: 400 kr

2 weeks: 750 kr

Info & prices

Rent this nice and stabil Thule trailer for 2 kids (max 65 kg). It is easy to attach to the bike and You can also use it as a wagon.

1. day: 125 kr

2 days: 175 kr

3 days: 225 kr

4 days: 275 kr

5 days: 325 kr

6 days: 375 kr

1 week: 400 kr

2 weeks: 750 kr

Info & prices

We offer different kinds of child seats. The baby has to be at least 9 month old to be able to sit in a child seat (max 25 kg). All easy to attach at our bikes and all approved.

Included in the price is a helmet.

1 day: 40 kr

2 days: 50 kr

3 days: 60 kr

4 days: 70 kr

5 days: 80 kr

6 days: 90 kr

1 week:100 kr

2 weeks: 150 kr

Info & prices

We have bike helmets from size 58-62 cm.

1 day: 25 kr

2 days: 35 kr

3 days: 45 kr

4 days: 55 kr

5 days: 65 kr

6 days: 70 kr

1 week: 75 kr

2 weeks: 125 kr

Rental conditions

  • Tentant has a obligation to check that the bike is functional and that the brakes works satisfactorily before leaving the shop
  • The tenant is liable for any damage or deterioration that happens on the bike during the rental period and must cover all losses.
  • If anythings happens with the bike during the rental period it’s the tenant’s responsibility to return the bike to Svend Henriksensvej 14
  • The bike and accessories are rented at your own risk. In case of damage to tenant, another persons or things can not claim against the landlord.
  • It is NOT allowed to ride more than 1 person at the bike.
  • It’s the tenant’s responsibility to comply with the Danish traffic rules.
  • The bike is not insured by Nordkystens cykeludlejning. Only the tenant’s own insurance is valid.
  • If the bike is stolen you have to replace it with full value. We offer a theft insurance for only 10 kr per day per ordinary bike and 50 kr per day pr speciel bike. The insurance covers if the bike has been securely locked and gets stolen.
  • If you lose the key for the bike you have to pay 150 kr for a new key.
  • The bike must be returned at Svend Henriksensvej 14 within the agreed rental period unless something else has been agreed.

Opening hours  from week 35

We are now only open by appointment. Book your bikes online.

(You can always return bikes 24/7)

Delivery and pickup:

From week 35 we only deliver and pick up bikes by appointment

Book your bikes online and we deliver the next day.


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